TSF Shell v1.7.9

Posted by Charles M Stout on Tuesday, December 4, 2012


TSF Shell 3D interface new operating system.

Enable freely personalize various TSF Shell v1.7.9 full range. Let’s say goodbye traditional operation system.

For release histroy demo TSF Shell v1.7.9s please access following link


TSF Shell v1.7.9:


Enable do multipul-operation, including auto-arragement, multipul-choices, add-to-folder, multipul-deleting, items one move finger. also check ways.

TSF SHELL 3D app page personalized pages users. switch between pages click switch button lower left corner.

freely create one quicklinks them page. also distribute all icon (or even change their angles) freely personalized page.

column provides TSF Shell 3D charateristic TSF Shell v1.7.9, including folders, contacts, music player, weather on.

column personalized, including changing catagories. create quicklinks most frequently used apps quick launch side column.

TSF Shell 3D most powerful theme function. Apart from , some themes even allow change transition animation.



1. where than 8, circle in folder.

2. where than 8, drag ftom .

What's TSF Shell v1.7.9:

Version 1.7.9 (2012/12/5)

1. TSF Shell v1.7.9 error 4.2

2. Free positioning TSF Shell v1.7.9

3.3D desktop transition effects shaking TSF Shell v1.7.9 effects end switching

4.Single-finger gestures

5.Optimized system fluency when using live wallpaper

6.TSF Shell v1.7.9 many known TSF Shell v1.7.9

7 Multilanguage : Polish、Norwegian、French、Turkish、Spanish、Hungarian




Patched TSF Shell v1.7.9 (Not fully tested):

Instructions: Install



TSF Shell v1.7.9 + Google Play Mod (if TSF Shell v1.7.9 doesn't work):


1. Install Lucky Patcher

2. Run Lucky Patcher > Menu > Select 'Patch '

3. Select √ 'Signature Verify always True' and 'Disable Zip Signature Verify' > Apply > Yes

4. After reboot go to 'Patch ' (Patch applied). If applied ex Lucky patcher. otherwise do 3rd step again.

5. Backup current Google play backup if original TSF Shell v1.7.9.

6. Install GoogleMarket.by.Chelpus.TrueLicenseMod.apk

7. Install TSF Shell !



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