Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7

Posted by Charles M Stout on Monday, March 18, 2013
Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7

: 2.1+

: Finally Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7 most acclaimed adventure of recent times! Includes a full help all Draky.

Finish legend vampire adventure life!

Lucy were never clear Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7 being just a tale. But, after getting lost woods, they will get out.

nightmares raises eyes strange influx takes them inside!...

Using witchcraft, Draky was able Castle in sinister ever-changing castle. why be different every game.

vampire carries important keys castle, be easy him. Explore rooms, use objects, maps... Use back home.

Updated! Save included. ( find treasures floor castle.)

What's Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7:

- Landscape Aspect Ratio (5:3) supported.

- Minor Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7 fixed.


Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7:


Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7 Instructions:


Draky – PREMIUM Edition – v1.7:


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