[The new Jetpack joyride] Save The Earth - Alien Shooter

Posted by Charles M Stout on Saturday, May 4, 2013
Hey guys!

We're Gloobus Studio, a Indie studio (just 2 people) Kill time ago, just released our new Save - Alien Shooter

download google play Save


Here some screenshots [The new Jetpack joyride] Save The Earth - Alien Shooter , believe enjoy it!

zombies their last planet 're searching ones .

Luckily, our super hero our precious Earth against them.

A retro 2D sci-fi shooter than 30 incredible weapons , like teleportation utilities, lighting bolts, super beams, missiles !

Endless Armageddon take 4 different parts world where be forced monsters excitedly terrifying battle !

☆ Destroy thousands alien monsters from a galaxy invasion cute super hero.

☆ Use special weapons from outer space. Hours shooting non-stop side-scrolling defense game.

☆ ones who love retro 2d arcade games weapons systems, 'Save ' combines strategy in mayhem scrolling game.

☆ Combat like superhero would, science fiction weapons such beams, lightning bolts, holes weapons such missiles, rockets, fire more!

☆ From of ☢Kill ☢ castle/tower defense game, than 450.000 downloads around!

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