Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2

Posted by Unknown on Friday, May 10, 2013
Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2

Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 Android 3.1

Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2:NOTE: If 't see system apps Analyzer , try "Soft reboot" instead.

T Greenify app itself, just a donation Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 experimental Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2. installed Greenify.

=== Disclaimer ===

All these experimental Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 early stage, devices & ROMs. They advanced users knowledge Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 what they really mean use them. These Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 may crash , brick , wipe extreme cases. I my best those situations, but I don't take responsibility Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 consequences. safety, please do a NANDroid backup before activating these Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2.

safe t, since nothing before activating Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 manually.

=== Experimental Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 ===

Note: Some Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 need Greenify v1.8 . All Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 activated / deactivated whole (I them later) options UI.

◆ Boost mode

Android framework Greenify hibernation without root routine, which buggy (for some root tools) .

◆ Allow (some) system apps greenified

Android framework system apps .

Beware, most system apps basic functionalities device, once greenified, lose some part . If something bad happened, remove apps greenified , Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 .

Currently, all core Android component whose package name starts with "", but t change future.

◆ Allow GCM push message hibernated apps

Google service framework (Google Cloud Message, a.k.a. C2DM) broadcast apps, thus greenify some apps without losing push message.

Attention: apps use GCM mechanism, some apps create their own TCP connection service, thus can't benef t. Their push messages survive hibernation, please DO, it's just a "mission impossible" way. Instead, ask their developer RAM-and-battery-friendly GCM push.

=== How ===

All these experimental Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 framework. install Xposed framework first them. find "Greenify (Donation)" module list .

If framework, please read t ( download there too):

=== Why do I need installing another framework these ? ===

Since these experimental Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 all need OS level patches, traditionally they be applied modding, which device-specific -exclusive. Xposed framework new hope finer grained tiny patches ROM-independent way. Thanks framework, enjoy these experimental Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 without replacing .

=== Feedback Discussion ===

Please vis reply XDA thread, I'll follow soon can: (please search before asking questions)



Download : Greenify (Donation Version) v1.2 Instructions:

Read .

up: install Greenify donation. Install Xposed Installer. Open Xposed Installer select Install/Update. Reboot. Open Xposed Installer again, select Modules. Check Greenify (Donation) [1.2]. Reboot. Open Greenify. If Greenify system apps, then t . Note: Xposed Installer (Xposed Framework) works all roms, except MIUI rom. So use t

Enjoy. :)

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