LagFix (fstrim) Premium v1.5

Posted by Charles M Stout on Sunday, February 10, 2013


Read FAQ before using!

Try FREE LagFix (fstrim) Premium v1.5 before !

Warning! T should used users! If not underst - DO IT! find fstrim() man in Google information - RTFM before asking any questions t bad!

Some Android users suffer from poor performance after some days/weeks of heavy usage. T due well-known TRIM bug affecting these devices (users report Nexus devices One devices). Kernels with -discard mount option affected!

problem internal storage properly TRIMmed when needed. find lots - and also well-known fact fstrim Linux tool from time to time fixes until internal memory runs out blocks. Other solutions like mounting with -discard fsync may be slow.

LagFix user-friendly implementation utility. select which partitions ( leave defaults unless what doing) easily.

Please note output depends . fine unless errors. see big amounts , zero amount amount. All! Read fstrim manual to underst all these outputs.

What's LagFix (fstrim) Premium v1.5:



Total app rewrite, dropped RootTools library causing LagFix (fstrim) Premium v1.5, made my own library root operations.


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