Volume Ace v3.0.2

Posted by Charles M Stout on Monday, February 4, 2013

Volume Ace v3.0.2: 1.6

Volume Ace v3.0.2: Volume Ace Volume Manager fast manage volume levels. create profiles and switch them straight from . Schedule profiles to apply automatically.

Volume Ace v3.0.2:

• Profiles : Create volume presets. profile Ringtone, Notification tone.

• Scheduler : Schedule profiles automatically time .

• Plugs : Automatically switch when plugging Earphones, Desk.

• Set Mode(From widget too): Silent, Vibration & Normal.

• Cycle through profiles widget

• Tone picker, Notification

• Sounds while adjusting volume (using tone)

• Widgets levels

• Custom colors/style screen (Default, blue, green, red, white, Vintage)

• Volume Locker: Prevent ringer and/or media volume changed outside .

• Bluetooth volume

• Localization: Cs,De,Da,En,Es,Fr,Ko,He,It,Iw & Ru.

What's Volume Ace v3.0.2:

*** App functionality may vary based Volume Ace v3.0.2 ***

Version 3.0.1

Volume Ace v3.0.2 force close issue

Volume Ace v3.0.2

Version 3.0.0

• New design

• Added a two new Volume Ace v3.0.2 ( 4x1 & 1x1 )

• Restored the "old style" menu.

Volume Ace v3.0.2 optimization

!!! There known issue Volume Lock feature, working fix !!!



Download : Volume Ace v3.0.2


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