Aralon: Sword and Shadow v4.52

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Aralon: Sword v4.52

: Android 2.3+

: cannot be undone, but be avenged.

From award winning Ravensword: King, Scrolls Artist Mark Jones, and

Developer Galoobeth Games, comes ARALON: SWORD , 3d Role-Playing Adventure.

An iPhone 3d RPG inspired classic vein compelling story, a unique hero, open 3D world ready. Journey through its mysteries.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow v4.52:

- Over 30 hours

- Gorgeous 3d environments

- 3rd Person play modes

- Full Day/Night cycle lighting effects

- Epic Soundtrack sound effects

- Customizable characters, including hairstyles, armor, faces

- 4 Character Classes

- Unique Skill Trees class

- 3 Playable Races: Humans, Elves,

- A primary quest , optional side-quests

- Hundreds

- Comprehensive Inventory System

- Battle various enemies different fighting tactics

- Faction system, herb gathering, crafting potions and

magical items, dual-wielding, lockpicking, pick-pocketing,

- Swimming, Fishing, Campfires

- 8 Different Mount Types, including horses, dragons,

- Fully animated 3d characters

- Achievements

- Pets

- Save system different save slots


Aralon: Sword and Shadow v4.52 Instructions

Aralon: Sword and Shadow v4.52:

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