Eat em All FULL v1.0.3

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eat em all addictive brain game.

Alien Invasion!! Troop L attacked. They "Alien Eggs" everywhere village . Recently alien babies started out eggs again!!

L now. Troop Troop L t upcoming disaster. "Troopie Genius"

These eggs pattern. Identify Troopie Land. Lead him all them!!

Use different powers like, Thunder, Grenades, Timing Explosives, Flame

Save L evil aliens.. Eat em All!

8 Areas Troopland

72 challenging Levels




★Timer Explosives



With all above Eat em All FULL v1.0.3 Eat em All provides a Free rich Puzzle & Brain user providing thrilling moments powers all .

Don't get stuck!! Don't Kill Troopie!!. Help Troopie . Try all three stars level. be given a chance Powers from stars .

Achievements so far

★ Best selling Samsung Apps September-2012

★ e-Swabimani National e-content awards nominee -Entertainment category 2012

★ “Overall impressive , far Sri Lankan developed come across.. 5/5 ” - TechWIre

★ “A true masterpiece! Very addictive puzzle a average story, great music graphics.. 5/5 ” –Multimedia SoluVision

Enjoy t puzzle game !!!

Eat em All!!!!!

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